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This section is a work in progress.

I recently decided to transfer certain past entries from external sources to here as a means to archive, explain and retrospectively account for my motivations, thoughts and feelings in relation and comparison to my current everyday existence. Essentially, I’m keen to consolidate as much as possible into one space and use my own words for reflective purposes…

In an effort to better achieve this goal, some entries may be updated, highlighted or completed (as writings in general are quite often simply “works in progress” on which to build indefinitely). Any addendum to entries will be noted, and likely be italicised, likely appearing in text blocks of a different colour.

Toy Piracy

The following entry was originally posted as a “note” on FaceBook (tagging connected accounts of fellow Bowie fanatics) on the 25th of March, 2011. It was subsequently posted to my journal on VF, as the majority of my connections there … Continue reading

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Emilie Autumn

This entry was originally posted on 13th December of 2009, as an introductory post for episode 019 of Twilight Vision TV. This particular blog is an (currently) unaltered copypasta from my little used account, therefore the font is a … Continue reading

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Why Raw Food?

This archived entry was originally posted on 13th December of 2007 in my personal journal (and also vegan forum) on another site owned by a friend and fellow vegan ( Any addendum to this entry have been italicised and highlighted … Continue reading

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