Man Badly Injured After Jumping Fence at Bronx Zoo Tiger Exhibit

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I was most disappointed to read that he was rescued, particularly since he was likely hoping to die anyway. I highly recommend a Darwin award for any idiot who thinks it’s wise to jump unexpectedly into a cell containing angry prisoners, expecting to escape without consequence. Also, screw the Bronx Zoo, and all others like it. Wild animals belong in their natural habitat, not imprisoned to serve as income-generating exhibits for selfish humans.
For the “news” media to refer to him as a “victim” is outrageously inappropriate, especially when considering the fact that he was 25 years of age & obviously knew exactly what he could expect when leaping from the train.

I don’t really give a crap about that guy, but am somewhat interested in what he was saying whilst “conscious and talking” after that unfortunate encounter.

Furthermore, I would LOVE to hear what the tigers might have to say.

Media details on this article may be found here and also on my Tumblog.

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Dolphin Therapy?

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This resident of Lima, Peru, is participating in a new dolphin therapy technique, designed to stimulate the brains of unborn babies with high-frequency dolphin sounds.” (source)

I do realise that this is likely meant to be considered “sweet”, possibly even “educational” or “innovative”, but I simply cannot feel okay with dolphins being held in captivity for ANY reason. I’m fairly certain that these kind beings would be far happier with their families in the wild, than to exist in prison pools to pander to selfish humans who care more about their own offspring than the lives of other species. It is not my intention to be overly negative, but it truly breaks my heart to see anyone suffer on the whims of others.

Cetaceans are emotionally aware, highly conscious, and extremely social creatures who live in extended family groups. They rely heavily on one another in countless aspects of everyday life, and the captivity industry exploits these traits in order to murder and enslave them en masse. These dolphins do not voluntarily migrate into human-populated areas with the intention of meeting, assisting, or entertaining Homo sapiens on a day-to-day basis, and must be violently torn from their own societies in order to appease their human captors.

These dolphins should be (and would likely prefer) communicating with unborn members of their own species in a natural, free, and healthy environment. Human communication with other species is a wonderful thing, which I have greatly enjoyed over the years & would highly recommend to anyone. However, I also feel strongly that it should NOT come at the price of freedom & happiness for any of Earth’s residents.

On a more positive note, I can only hope that the messages being sent by the dolphins to unborn human residents of Earth is one of peace and reasoning to cease from engaging in such practises of enslavement of any species in future.

With all of that having been said, may God bless them all.

For more information on dolphins and the industrial methods relating to their captivity, please check out a groundbreaking film entitled “The Cove“, and take a moment to read what my friends at Cyber Whale Warriors have shared on their mission’s site.

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Politically Incorrect: Pathos vs. The Psychopath

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Don’t stand around like friends at a funeral, eyes to the ground… it could have been you.
– Crowded House

Upon having encountered this image several months ago, I immediately pinned it to a “Politically Incorrect” board on a social media site. It is offensive on many levels, but mostly in how it shows the seemingly inherent disrespect many humans have at present for members of other species (whether alive or dead). This lack of reverence for other beings is called “speciesism”, and is sadly an epidemic amongst humans in all corners of the globe.

This dreadful display of irreverence for our fellow Earthlings has also been passed around several times since then (along with Paul Ryan’s hunting shots) both by the “liberal media”, and also otherwise well-meaning animal advocates as reasons to NOT vote for these idiots.

Newsflash: The vast majority of these so-called “political leaders” are idiots!

The Obama Administration recently passed a law giving the green light for horse slaughter (and subsequent use of their corpses as “food”), and the president himself has also published a book where he recounts his experiences (including “flavour” and “texture”) in bodily consumption of dogs and other “uncommon” animals (as opposed to those traditionally consumed by humans as “meat” in the United States of America) – in a way I personally conveyed as condoning (or even glorifying) the killing and consumption of non-human animals.
Good grief, there was even a massive slaughter of all sorts of non-human animals which happened in Kenya as a “celebration” of his entrance into office!

Carnism is an incredibly vile act to behold (let alone practise), and I personally do not care for anyone who tries to shed any positive light on human perpetuation of such speciesist behaviour. That having been said, I also don’t care for anyone who practises carnism/speciesism, yet feels that it is okay to point fingers at others (political parties, etc.) for doing so. I am sickened beyond the point of words by this entire “political race” between greedy, corporate-controlled, dehumanised monsters; mainstream media-endorsed scoundrels who calculatedly misrepresent themselves as caring for “fellow countrymen”, yet show no compassion toward other species or even fellow humans with whom they wish to engage in pointless, immeasurably DESTRUCTIVE wars.

It is quite often that I feel extraordinarily ashamed to be part of the human species, especially having been living within the creepy confines of Western “society” for so long. However, I also realise that being born into any other genus, in the West or even anywhere else, would likely have resulted in a far more torturous life of enslavement and immeasurable, perpetual suffering without possibility to generate change on any truly measurable level.

A great deal of what I’ve endured thus far as a female of the human species has been arduous enough, and regret for my own existence has been something I have dealt with for so far back as I can remember. That having been said, I cannot even begin to imagine, nor adequately convey how horrendous things must be for other species who have no other choice but to exist amongst so many wayward humans on this troubled planet.

For those who may be left in wonder at this point, I have chosen a path of non-consent.
In other words, I simply refuse to accept as an option anything or anyone I find to be offensive or insulting to my intelligence or conscience.
If necessary, I will continue to live as far outside the present system of horrendous disconnect as possible, for as long as I find myself confronted by so many things with which I disagree.
Many may find such a proclamation to seem somewhat sensational, unconventional, and possibly even pointless. For those who do, I suggest taking some time to do a bit of research and reading for yourselves. Politically speaking, a fine place to start may very well be here.

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Corporate “Family Values”

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Anyone who has been acquainted (or even somewhat familiar) with me for any period of time will likely also be well aware of my nearly lifelong stance against Procter & Gamble & their vast array of low-grade, environmentally unsound products. Although the environmental impact is certainly a concern for me as an informed adult, my boycott began at an early age as a result of my interest in (and resounding repugnance at) the then-common practise of vivisection and subsequent rendering of corpses to generate more product ingredients. P&G has been torturing non-human animals in laboratories for decades, sacrificing millions of lives for the sake of gaining maximum profit using marginally safe ingredients of questionable origin.

Despite numerous appeals & suggestions from humane advocacy groups over the years, P&G has perpetuated these barbarous activities without mercy, remorse, or proper deliberation of reasonable compromise. Spokespersons for the giant corporation have frequently made empty promises to seek alternatives to cruel experimentation, yet continue to buy out numerous other brands & implement inhumane clinical research on newly acquired products. In addition to their normal methods of misleading consumers from behind a shroud of noted acquisitions, their highly suspect advertising methods now include some rather startling celebrity endorsements. I’m still wondering exactly how they managed to convince Ellen DeGeneres, a self-proclaimed vegan, to endorse their meretricious Cover Girl brand (and WHY she would have agreed to do so in the first place)…

Their newest ad campaign, which focuses upon mothers and families, seems to have left out one very vital detail worth careful consideration:

All of the living, breathing, sentient beings who have been tortured & die in their laboratory testing day after day have mothers too. Some of them are (or were) even mothers themselves, though these poor mums were likely never afforded the Universal right to become properly acquainted with the children to whom they give birth.

Despite the brief spell of outrage initially felt at having happened upon the new “family-oriented” slogan, I do sincerely hope that the aforementioned relationship between Procter & Gamble and Ellen Degeneres may be some sort of indication that the company is on the brink of some monumental changes for the better. I can think of very few scenarios more delightful than hearing news of immediate steps being taken in a more environmentally conscious, forthright, and (most importantly) humane direction.
All living beings are born into family and unique consciousness; therefore each one is deserving of equal consideration, regardless of species, gender, creed, or pigmentation. Destroying one being for the sake of another is immoral and unacceptable policy, of which I pray to see an immediate end.

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Discrimination and Propagation of Violent Behaviour

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Luka Magnotta, aspiring model and low-budget adult film actor, is in some very serious trouble. He has been connected with several cases of horrific animal torture & killing, and is also wanted by Canadian law enforcement in connection with the murder of at least one human being (apparently he is also potentially implicated in (an)other murder case(s)). The former should have been a warning sign of the latter becoming an imminent possibility, and action should have been taken immediately upon discovering the abuses.

However, society’s seemingly ever-present refusal to accept non-human animals as being valid, sentient beings with as much right to live in peace as any human has been an unfortunate accomplice in many similar cases.

Magnotta has subsequently fled North America, and is now wanted by Interpol as well:

For me, this particular case carries eerie echoes of Jeffrey Dahmer’s gruesome tale, especially considering the fact that each one of these disturbed individuals ended up taking the lives of same-gender lovers, violating corpses, etc. after having become known for a penchant toward violence toward other species…

Jeffrey Dahmer also had an extensive (though somewhat media downplayed) history of torturing & killing animals, dismembering their bodies, and generally drifting through life as a seemingly disturbed, somewhat hardened societal outcast.

Dahmer’s unsavoury activities began in childhood, possibly as a way of punishing others for his own inacceptance of the unique self he was likely in the commonly awkward process of discovering. The self-perceived inability to “fit in” can be very difficult for a child, and unconventional interests/thoughts/behaviours (particularly in relation to sexuality) are often met with reactions of exclusion and persecution by ignorant members of “mainstream society”. Quite often, such persecution appears in the form of violence, tactics of intimidation, and unrelenting public humiliation. For some who find themselves unable to constructively work through the pain and anger which frequently appear as products of such experiences, regrettable reactions may be comprised of uncontrolled rage and violence toward those deemed more vulnerable than themselves. Such reactions, from my perspective, can serve little purpose other than to create even more emotional pain and torment in the individual who carries them out.

I had a look at some of Magnotta’s social media after reading some news of his criminal behaviour, and noticed a certain mob mentality being expressed in commentary from other visitors. Such statements such as “SICK BASTARD I HOPE YOU DIE,” and “MURDERING (sic), ROT IN HELL” seemed to be the consensus, in addition to various scattered comments (some relatively complimentary, others not so much) relating to his appearance. It was enough to make me feel genuinely bad for the guy! In fact, I found such internet trolling from so-called “peers” to be disturbing enough to compel me toward leaving a comment of my own. I can only imagine that such reactions were a regular part of Magnotta’s everyday life, and many of his actions may have been a reactive, defensive way for him to handle such negativity.
Many may ask, “What does a person’s sexual orientation have to do with violent, criminal, irrational, or otherwise immoral behaviour?”

Generally speaking, there is always a link to be found between a person’s actions and disposition in life in relation to the way they are treated.

Mainstream society’s refusal to accept non-human animals as valid, sentient beings deserving equal consideration corresponds directly with similar societal behaviour toward certain members of its own species.

My Universal supplication for today is for all of us to find the strength within ourselves, allowing us to take a much-needed moment consider all possible factors in any given situation.

Mob mentality is neither productive nor beneficial when brought against individuals, even if the presentation of events seems horrendously grim and utterly wrong. There are more rational ways of handling such situations, without resorting to perpetuating the hatred which likely led to the initial enactment of such horrible crimes.
Even after having seen the kitten snuff video (which I found to be utterly deplorable and greatly upsetting) I simply cannot imagine any positive end resulting from vigilante “witch” hunts. Hurting someone who is already so obviously disturbed can never bring those kittens back (and may even cost the world more defenseless babies).

There are so many horrific atrocities occurring on our planet at present, and the only way I can see for us to be able to remedy such a vast amount of injustice toward all beings (including our living Earth) is to work toward healing ourselves with inner peace.

The Golden Rule is a wonderful way to begin this process.

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Earthlings & Politics of Veganism

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How many out there categorise themselves as “vegan” or concerned for animal rights? For those who may not understand the terminology clearly, veganism goes far beyond food. There are seemingly many who have recently chosen to eliminate meat and dairy from their dietary intake, but still ingest honey or use other animal-derived products or consumer goods containing such. If this is the case, one cannot honestly convey themselves as adherent to a truly vegan lifestyle. In my case, I don’t just enjoy a plant-based diet, but I am fully dedicated to making life better for all living organisms on this planet (including Mother Earth herself) by choosing veganism as my only lifestyle option for my entire existence. This means I not only shun meat, dairy, honey, and other animal derivatives in plain form, but also take great precautions to avoid pharmaceuticals (prescription and over the counter), cosmetics, chemical household products, clothing and processed foods which may have been tested, made with ingredients derived from, or caused destruction of family units/lives/happiness/livelihood of other neighbouring beings. Ahimsa, or non-violence, is my chosen mantra for the entirety of my stay on Earth in present form.

The following quotes:

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” — Albert Einstein
“To be neutral in a situation of injustice is to have chosen sides already.” — Archbishop Desmond Tutu
…speak volumes to me, whilst providing adequate philosophical reasoning behind my refusal to sit back and watch as others mindlessly destroy everything & everyone in our very interconnected environment. For those of you who consider me to be “judgemental” as a result of my observations, perhaps it is high time for you to take a good look at yourselves and your own life choices in relation to how they affect the world around us. Perhaps you will then realise that I am not judging you, but that your conscience is desperate to overcome whatever it is which comes between you and a truly mindful life.

Personally speaking, I scrutinise every aspect of my own life, so as to create as little harm as is humanly possible in any given situation. Therefore, the only one being judged on an ongoing basis by myself is myself, by my own ethical development path over the past 20 some odd years. Perhaps my standards seem high to many, but I have also taken the time to learn about how things work in our wretched society and formulate ways to simplify my life whilst eschewing harmful behaviour along the way. It truly is a matter of personal choice, but it shouldn’t be that difficult for anyone to choose between love and indifference. Therefore, I challenge anyone to find enough courage to take a good look at themselves and begin weighing their choices mindfully before acting upon impulse or habitual reflex.

Shunning education/valid information when easily found and readily available is the very definition of IGNORANCE. In fact, it is not only lack of knowledge or information, but a deliberate choice made in laziness or for other selfish reasons.

I had already been vegan for many years before seeing the Earthlings film, and avoided it for ages because I thought I knew it all. One day I brought it over to share with a friend who was searching for more conviction to justify what had been a relatively new lifestyle choice for him, and was forced to watch along with him. I was shocked to discover how many things I was actually able to learn from viewing it, and I am now glad that I took the time to do so. It can at times be horrifying, heartbreaking & sickening to view, but truth is sometimes very difficult to swallow. I strongly feel that this film should be required viewing for anyone living in modern society, despite the fact that it is “upsetting” to some people. Human majorities have been the catalysts for every scenario depicted in this film, and it’s about time each of us stood up and accepted his or her responsibility for our roles.

The first step to reaching solutions is properly acknowledging & assessing problems.
If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Make the Connection.

No more excuses. Please watch this film and then simply allow your conscience to be your guide.

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