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• Vocalist • Writer • Activist • Performer • Promoter • Muse • Raw Food Veganista • Philanthropist • Visionary • Culinary Alchemist • Yogini • Anomaly •  Creative individual spirit, visionary, Earthling advocate and continuing artistic work in progress. New York City based Dark Diva & Minister of Peace. Active for animals and other benevolent Earthlings. Enlightenment enthusiast. Classically trained, jazz-inspired, standards-obsessed modern vocalist. Presenter for Twilight Vision TV, promoter of darkwave & independent music, art and all things surreal & psychedelic. Horrorpunk video princess emeritus (Dr. Chud's Head Nurse Damiana Darkstar). Student of nutrition, theology, philosophy, culinary arts & life. =)

Man Badly Injured After Jumping Fence at Bronx Zoo Tiger Exhibit

I was most disappointed to read that he was rescued, particularly since he was likely hoping to die anyway. I highly recommend a Darwin award for any idiot who thinks it’s wise to jump unexpectedly into a cell containing angry … Continue reading

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Dolphin Therapy?

“This resident of Lima, Peru, is participating in a new dolphin therapy technique, designed to stimulate the brains of unborn babies with high-frequency dolphin sounds.” (source) I do realise that this is likely meant to be considered “sweet”, possibly even … Continue reading

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Politically Incorrect: Pathos vs. The Psychopath

“Don’t stand around like friends at a funeral, eyes to the ground… it could have been you.” – Crowded House Upon having encountered this image several months ago, I immediately pinned it to a “Politically Incorrect” board on a social … Continue reading

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Corporate “Family Values”

Anyone who has been acquainted (or even somewhat familiar) with me for any period of time will likely also be well aware of my nearly lifelong stance against Procter & Gamble & their vast array of low-grade, environmentally unsound products. … Continue reading

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Discrimination and Propagation of Violent Behaviour

Luka Magnotta, aspiring model and low-budget adult film actor, is in some very serious trouble. He has been connected with several cases of horrific animal torture & killing, and is also wanted by Canadian law enforcement in connection with the … Continue reading

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Earthlings & Politics of Veganism

How many out there categorise themselves as “vegan” or concerned for animal rights? For those who may not understand the terminology clearly, veganism goes far beyond food. There are seemingly many who have recently chosen to eliminate meat and dairy … Continue reading

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