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Earthlings & Politics of Veganism

How many out there categorise themselves as “vegan” or concerned for animal rights? For those who may not understand the terminology clearly, veganism goes far beyond food. There are seemingly many who have recently chosen to eliminate meat and dairy … Continue reading

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Apples & Vampires – Recipe: Simple Spiced Applesauce

Since having been confined to bed/wheelchair, it seems that my daily menu mainly consists of loads of rest, puréed/liquified/juiced food items, along with a healthy helping of studying, article/blog reading & stupid media galore. Thus far, some of my media … Continue reading

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Why Raw Food?

This archived entry was originally posted on 13th December of 2007 in my personal journal (and also vegan forum) on another site owned by a friend and fellow vegan ( Any addendum to this entry have been italicised and highlighted … Continue reading

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