Toy Piracy

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The following entry was originally posted as a “note” on FaceBook (tagging connected accounts of fellow Bowie fanatics) on the 25th of March, 2011. It was subsequently posted to my journal on VF, as the majority of my connections there are musicians, music-obsessed and/or heavily influenced by David Bowie’s work. Considering the nature of the site, it also seemed a more appropriate place for a music post.

This article was passed along to me by another friend today who knows quite well of my (seemingly lifelong) Bowie obsession and fancied catching my reaction.
I had personally been wondering what had happened with this album since 2001, when it was promised to be released, and was quite surprised to read what had happened with it.

I can’t imagine having worked on a piece of art for so long, having it hyped up so much, and then having to see it shelved, quite possibly forever. It makes me wonder how long it would take for someone to drop this ‘hot potato’ once such a prolific and highly-inspirational artist should pass from this world (Gods forbid)…

In any case, I’m now passing this along to those who I am fairly certain will care as much as I do, and pondering how the lot of you may feel about this having been “leaked” out into the world.

Yours in kindred admiration,

Unreleased Bowie on BitTorrent: Pirate Sabotage Turned Cultural Blessing

After a decade in the dark the unreleased David Bowie album ‘Toy’ has just hit BitTorrent. Bowie is reportedly “livid” at the leak but his fans, who have expressed themselves in hundreds of postings, appear to be universally delighted. TorrentFreak tracked down the leaker to discover his motivations and learned that this controversial release was made to deliberately sabotage commercial pirates.

In mid-2001, a new David Bowie album was scheduled for release. Titled ‘Toy’, the LP contained some of Bowie’s earliest work but following some kind of dispute at record label Virgin, it remained unreleased.

Three days ago, however, Bowie fans worldwide began waking up to a dream. All 14 tracks of Toy, running for around 1 hour in 256 kbps quality MP3, had been uploaded to BitTorrent.

While these kinds of controversial uploads are often made to big sites like The Pirate Bay, ‘Toy’ was initially placed on a lesser-known tracker called Mind Warp Pavilion and as far as we can see is yet to have migrated further afield, aside from a couple of brave blogs hosting it for direct play.

So where did the release suddenly come from? TorrentFreak decided to try and find out. During the course of our investigations we were initially informed by someone who claimed to be close to the uploader but requested anonymity that the album had been obtained via eBay. The sale we were shown took place on March 14th and was apparently shipped from Australia.

Today, though, we managed to make contact with the original uploader. Brigstow, as he is known online, hails from Bristol in the UK and is clearly a big Bowie fan. Not only did he categorically deny that he had purchased a bootleg CD and uploaded it, he said that it was because people were trying to make a buck from ‘Toy’ on eBay that he decided to leak it himself and sabotage their game.

“Myself and a few friends were very angry that certain people only seem to want to profit from recordings like the Toy album, so when we saw the eBay auction and heard of someone else selling discs for $55, I decide to upload it and give it away,” Brigstow told TorrentFreak.

Brigstow went on to explain that this upload was “not a new concept” to him as he used to run Savage Jaw, a BitTorrent tracker from a few years back which listed only quality David Bowie bootlegs and rare recordings.
While Rolling Stone says that Bowie’s office has refused to comment on the ‘leak’, The Sun in the UK is reporting that the star is ‘livid’ that the album has become available.

If true, this reaction is in stark contrast to those coming from Bowie’s adoring fans. After reading through hundreds of comments, we only managed to find one which complained directly about the leak and even then it appeared to be focused on a desire for it to have remained secret for the exclusive enjoyment of the ‘real’ fans and not for the masses.

Indeed, many Bowie fans are describing the leak as “magical”, “heavenly” and “a dream” and there are already dozens of fan-inspired pieces of artwork circulating as potential album cover candidates. What cuts through in page after page of discussion though, is just how passionate these people are about David Bowie.

“Nearly all the comments I’ve read from fans about this album have been positive, and most of them would still quite happily purchase a copy if it were given an official release,” said Brigstow.

But of course it’s not officially available and, depending on the location of the consumer, in theory and in extreme circumstances sharing it could even have a prison sentence attached. However, since this album was destined to spend its life in some dark dusty corner of a record exec’s office, never to see the light of day, its release this week cannot mean (even by record company calculations) that a single sale has been lost – quite the rarity among pre-release uploads.

The end result though is that many tens of thousands of Bowie fans are in line for an absolute treat, a delicious forbidden fruit of an album which, if not for the Internet, may have been permanently deleted from our musical culture due to label politics.

So the question remains. What is the most important – the pure enjoyment of the fans and ultimately the preservation of culture by any means, or the wishes of a record label and the rule of law that, in many instances, they helped to create?

Whatever the conclusion, it’s impossible to wind back the clock. Toy is out of the box now, and it’s never going back.

Original article may be found here.

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Emilie Autumn

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This entry was originally posted on 13th December of 2009, as an introductory post for episode 019 of Twilight Vision TV. This particular blog is an (currently) unaltered copypasta from my little used account, therefore the font is a bit small in comparison to that which I would normally use.

Greetings and salutations!

Not only am I a fan of the musical and literary work of Emilie Autumn, but also fully appreciative of her as a human being.

As a classically trained vocalist, synthpop lover, literary geek, activist and crazed Bowie fanatic, her music immediately struck many chords with me at once (pun unintentional).

Her particular fusion of classical violin, electro, creative and literary references, political provocativeness and dramatic presentation simply floored me upon first hearing her Opheliac album a few years ago.

It was as if I had finally encountered someone who managed to accomplish precisely what I had been aiming for in my own artistic endeavours!

After having learned that she was also vegan, I became a fully dedicated supporter of this amazing artist in every single way possible.

I of course jumped at the chance to interview her when asked to do so for TwilightVisionTV, and even took time to hand make special treats to present to her and the Bloody Crumpets on behalf of TVTV and The Lorax Community Project!

I must say here that she is all that I had hoped for her to be, and so much more. She was delightful, engaging, informative, forthright and (in addition to all of that) such a fabulous flirt!

Her graciousness, sweet acceptance and seemingly infinite love toward all of her fans was also very touching to see, and I’m glad to have had a chance to interview and interact with so many of them personally.

Amazing people do seem to have a way of attracting equally amazing people. =)

Love and infinite blessings to all,

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Why Raw Food?

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This archived entry was originally posted on 13th December of 2007 in my personal journal (and also vegan forum) on another site owned by a friend and fellow vegan ( Any addendum to this entry have been italicised and highlighted in purple.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Is it really vegan? Who can you trust?
How & why I became a “raw foodist”

I believe in (and am firmly committed to) a life of absolute consciousness, especially when it comes to consumerism. My distaste for corporate handling and greed when it comes to target marketing toward “the vegan dynamic” eventually led me to my current lifestyle as a raw foodist.

Please allow me to give an example:

Boca Burgers.
Boca was acquired in the year 2000 by Kraft foods. Before the time of acquisition, Boca Burgers were organic, non-GMO and also vegan.

Here is where it all went downhill…

Kraft is the number one manufacturer of genetically modified “food” products on the market today. They use clever wording to hide the fact that every one of their products is a “Frankenfood,” but they taint everything they touch with GMO crap. “Made with organic soy” can mean that they used 1% of organic material in their product, while the other 99% is GMO. They are legally allowed to print that something is made with organic materials, provided at least 1% of what they used is organic.

Fun, no?

Let’s move on to the even better stuff.

Kraft is owned by Philip Morris, a company now known as Altria. Philip Morris changed their name as a PR/marketing tactic which was a rather clever attempt to distract consumers from the bad press they had been getting for problems related to their tobacco products as well as animal testing.

So let’s do the equation:

Altria = Philip Morris = Kraft = Boca = vegan? I think not.

Supporting corporations who test on animals for ANY of their products still funds their stupid behaviour.

Something I would like to add here is that PeTA and PeTA2 have been encouraging people to patronise the fast food/burger joint Johnny Rockets since they have decided to add a “veggie burger” to their menu. Care to make a guess as to who is providing Johnny Rockets with their “awesome vegan burger”?

PeTA runs the website which speaks out against Philip Morris for their animal testing. I’m disgusted that they would use one hand to point a finger at a company and the other to fondle them under the proverbial table.


Morningstar farms uses eggs in many of their products. The eggs they use in their manufacturing plants come from factory farms which debeak chicks and force their birds to live in horrendous, unsanitary conditions. Are their so-called “veggie burgers” really vegan either?

I’m thinking no.

I could list dozens of examples, but it really can become depressing after awhile…
There were also other factors involved after awhile – my newly discovered gluten intolerance (gluten free + vegan + WHOLE ingredients = not easy to find in most places), my unreasonable addiction to soya, the amazing high and rejuvenated sensation I felt on days/weeks/months when I would adhere to an entirely raw diet and finally my eventual realisation that most things I was consuming as cooked (such as rice/grains, beans & other high-volume bulk ingredients) were coming from massive factory sources where the lives or habitats of other animal species were barely considered or spared by large machinery when it came to harvest time.

In any case I suppose in retrospect my decision was as highly politically and consciously motivated as my adherence to an entirely vegan diet for so many years preceding the change.
It really did seem at that point that a 100% raw diet was the only answer after years of endless boggling over research and juggling between one company gone bad to the next one sold.

Now that I have been eating only organically grown/raw/chemical-free/unprocessed foods year-round for over 5 years, I suppose I continue to stick with it because of the way I feel: healthy, energetic, strong and truly able to enjoy vibrant flavours of fresh food with all nutrients and enzymes fully intact. =)

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Greetings & Welcome

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…to the personal blog of Miss Damiana K. at

For those of you not already familiar with my journalling habits: I generally post things related to music, animals, food, spirituality and political/environmental/world issues related to all of these. I am also known to occasionally post musings related to philosophy, mysticism, the Universe and all of its wonders. =)

This sub-site is meant to be an ever-growing compilation of postings relating to all of my work, interests, experiences and random thoughts. This journal will combine past archives of my writings from other places, in addition to new material to be added as regularly I am able to find time to post.

I recently decided to transfer certain past entries from external sources to here as a means to archive, explain and retrospectively account for my motivations, thoughts and feelings in relation and comparison to my current everyday existence. Essentially, I’m keen to consolidate as much as possible into one space and use my own words for reflective purposes…

In an effort to better achieve this goal, some entries may be updated, highlighted or completed (as writings in general are quite often simply “works in progress” on which to build indefinitely). Any addendum to entries will be noted, and likely be italicised, likely appearing in text blocks of a different colour.

Some entries will be private and shared with subscribers only, so please do feel free to register if you’re interested in interacting and keeping up to date with my posts. =)

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