Bloody “Benevolence”

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Having read through very recent statements posted by Kathy Ireland regarding her blatant disregard for freedom, well-being, and right to life for non-human animals, I realise that there is really no point in feeding her with any more energy in form of appeals to wake up to reality & stop using fur. I recently read through some statements from her which directly attacked several prominent activists who attempted to appeal to her self-professed “charitable nature” by urging her to disengage in use of fur trade activity and related sales. She appears to exhibit textbook psychopathic behaviour by way of attempting to shift attention away from herself (& questionable ethics); at one time praising film icons of the past who engaged in wearing of furs, and subsequently accusing activists of publicity seeking by way of appeals. She then proceeded to perpetuate the debate by engaging in negatively charged exchange with several misguided individuals who were toadying for exactly what she had accused activists of seeking: attention. As to be expected, these frivolous attention seekers seemed more than delighted to receive a virtual pat on the head for expression of disregard for non-human life.

In my opinion, Ms. Ireland is certainly NO Audrey Hepburn! It should also be perfectly obvious to anyone with a shred of common sense that women in the past were far less privy to information related to such matters than we are in present day society. There is simply no excuse for (feigning) ignorance!

Witnessing much of this was quite bothersome, and I am incredibly tired of seeing PeTA’s shelter kills being cited as justification for other (completely unrelated) atrocities. While I am no fan of PeTA, I find ignorance of this magnitude to be nothing short of inexcusable. However, I opted to refrain from becoming any more involved in pointless debate and simply researched a bit more:

From what I have read, it seems that the callous, has-been fashion model is presently denying accusations of generating monetary gain from sales of animal fur cruelly obtained from breeding facilities. She claims to believe that fur farming is “humane”, and goes on to state that all proceeds from sales will go to “Kathy Ireland Worldwide”, her so-called “benevolent fund” established with alleged intention to benefit non-profit organisations.

If this is indeed the case, anyone who recognises non-humans as valid beings with rights to their own lives should take the time to find out exactly which “charities” will be benefitting from this blood money so that we may BOYCOTT them. Proposing a boycott on Kathy Ireland’s ill-begotten products is simply stating the obvious, especially considering the fact that she’s been using child labour in Asian countries for YEARS without any sign of remorse. There is simply no reason to buy anything endorsed by this empty minded, shell of an excuse for a human being, though one might imagine that her name would not cross any of our minds for any reason (other than having plead with her to curb these unethical practises). That having been said, there is really no reason to waste time and energy by converting it into negativity and outrage at her seemingly soulless disregard of common ethics toward Earth & other inhabitants. Instead, why not convert this energy and time into something positive by seeking and spreading word on charities of integrity? It seems far more constructive to support those who strive to make a difference without resorting to accepting blood money, who do not endorse, support or otherwise engage in corrupt or unethical activities.

Make a difference for all beings & our planet: Boycott Kathy Ireland Worldwide and ALL affiliated non-profit organisations.

Our human experiences on this planet are occurring on a very limited timeline. Let us use this time to create something positive for ALL, instead of relinquishing our will to the undeserving.

Find out what you’re supporting if you wear fur:








Follow Up:

Shortly after this post was made, another blog was brought to my attention by one of the aforementioned activists who have taken it upon themselves to address this nasty business with Kathy Ireland (the others being the Barbi Twins, formerly of Playboy fame). Amy Rebecca (a.k.a. ‘La Belle Nuage‘)  primarily focuses her energy on strong opposition to the fur industry by way of her Fur Free L.A. campaign. Her follow-up post contained a great deal of relevant (and priceless) points & information, so I asked her permission to add hers to this blog as a follow-up to mine. Amy very graciously granted my request, so below is another piece of the puzzle related to sussing out exactly where Kathy Ireland’s “benevolence” lies:

Kathy Ireland and the Case of the Twisted Fur Logic

As I mentioned in my previous post. I find it more than annoying when others refer to my work as PETA. Kathy Ireland claims that PETA is going after her. If Kathy did any research like she asked, she’d know PETA is not attacking her. I AM. I am FUR FREE LOS ANGELES. Got it? I started the petition. Look, it says “petition started by Amy Rebecca.” Guess who? I designed the posters flying around the internet with the little “Fur Free LA” at the bottom. And I’ve been joining other outraged animal lovers in the “twitter wars” over her sale of fur

The mention of a different organization is not only irrelevant, but is trying to shift the controversy away from the issue at hand. Now she’s trying to shift the controversy into some sort of twisted positive light claiming that this blood money is actually going to non profits. 

I have tried to follow the money, but the trail is twisted. Stay with me now. What Kathy failed to mention is who exactly the money is coming from and exactly where it’s going. She says “an amount equal to proceeds” is being given away. We don’t know if the “proceeds” means wholesale or retail. She touts her worldwide retail sales as $1.9 billion, but her personal income, while still hefty, is actually a mere fraction of that number. She makes her money by selling the use of her name, and she is linking her name to the sale of fur. Her collection of fur for American Legend is sold exclusively to Macy’s Fur Vault. So it’s the price American Legend sells their fur to Macy’s–not the retail price to the public– which they are going to give away. 

But WAIT! Now Kathy is claiming “an amount equal to all profits” is going to non profits. Which is it, “proceeds” (the sales amount) or “profits” (a much smaller number)? The problem is that Kathy Ireland Worldwide is a privately held L.L.C. (Limited Liability Company). That means there is no public information about its finances and its contributions to non profits. I could try to dig, and dig, and dig and still find next to nothing about how much is actually going to non-profit. 

Here’s something we do know: American Legend is part of the Fur Commission USA, which is a NON PROFIT! With the question in the air of how much is going to non profits, I’m left bewildered about which non profit those proceeds are going to? Because without public record, and no details forth coming, one has to wonder is the money going back to the fur commission? Okay Kathy, why don’t you reveal exactly where the “amount equal to proceeds” from the sale of your fur is going? I don’t mean the list of charities you tout on your website. I mean, this specific amount is going to this specific non profit. I use the word non profit because YOU did. You didn’t say charity. The fur commission is a non profit.  So is that where the money goes? 

The bigger issue is not how much is going to a non profit or a charity, but the fact that this money is tainted. You can’t make up for violently killing minks by giving away money to “non profits,” whatever they are. And could it be that these donations are being made to the non profits that were responsible for killing them? 

Nothing justifies the death of those animals. Not even throwing your pro life beliefs into the conversation. If you want to talk about the sanctity of life, how does 30 million fur farmed animals being killed for fur coats fit into that? 


Whether or not Ms. Ireland & company continue to callously deny the value of non-human life, voices compassionate individuals should weigh on her conscience (or ego, at the very least) if driven in great number. Even if only to appeal to her sense of avarice, please support the campaign against this cruelty by signing this petition at Each & every voice makes a difference for animals, human and non-human alike.

Peace, blessings, and much gratitude to all for having cared enough to read both of our posts.

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My Dear Fellow Activists,

It has recently come to my attention that there seems to be some great divide between many of us in relation to our work in promoting free speech as well as animal welfare. To date, I have received numerous requests asking me to participate in an online campaign to have YouTube prohibit video uploads bearing questionable content (to which has been broadly referred as “animal cruelty”).

As an activist/advocate for civil liberties unbiased by speciesism, I truly believe that this “cause” is a terrible idea for a single, yet multiple-factored reason: Censorship.

As the petition seems to be gaining more and more attention, I felt it an appropriate time to speak up; especially since I suspect many of those who have been posting in support of this to be quite well-meaning.

Looking away (attention diversion) does not make bad things disappear; most times it serves only to make them grow bigger, stronger & more horrifying in the shadows.

As a child, I chose to renounce consumption of animal matter because I did not care for the idea of destroying other sentient beings. I knew no other vegans, vegetarians or even a single animal activist; I had not yet discovered the phenomenon which was once Skinny Puppy. I made the decision based on my relationship with the world around me, knowing nothing of senseless atrocity & unspeakable cruelty occurring in laboratories, factory farms, etc. If it weren’t for my accidental discovery of of such by way of musical interests a bit later on, I cannot honestly say how long it might have taken me to learn about vivisection & other such applications of slavery/manipulation/torture. If it weren’t for music videos (Skinny Puppy’s ‘Testure’ comes to mind) & associated (though not easily found) footage/images/journalism on the subject, I might not have taken such an interest in what toiletries, cosmetics or even foods were morally acceptable to me for use and consumption.
In fact, I may not have become so concerned with or active for animal rights until much later… if at all.

I loathe bearing witness to suffering of innocents as much as anyone (possibly more so than most), but if these barbaric acts are not seen by the general public, how will those presently living in the dark become aware enough to stand up for the rights of those who cannot speak for themselves?

Censorship is criminal.

I honestly feel that YouTube already censors & interferes enough with first amendment privileges of people who choose to post there (I have since moved on to alternative media hosting sites – Vimeo, for example).
Any further filtering may cause a great deal of damage to organisations (such as Mercy For animals)
who have been exceptionally effective in spreading the word about cruelty, illegal handling & other unsavoury circumstances related to factory farms, fur ranches, etc.

Sadly, there are already unconstitutional laws in place which have been causing a great deal of trouble for activists: Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA/S. 3880), Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA/S. 510), and the presently impending doom of the Stop Online Piracy (SOPA/H.R. 3261) & Protect IP Acts (PIPA/S. 968) being but a few amongst several; all bearing the sickening stench of Constitutional undermining & massive civil liberties violations to come. Furthermore, National Defense Authorisation Act (NDAA/S. 1867) threatens to become the iron fist which may very well crush everyone under decree of laws previously stated.

All aforementioned bills are Draconian bastardry at work.

If YouTube becomes even more strict about banning/censoring videos, they will then be more likely to also ban undercover investigation videos from fur farms, factory farms & other footage important to the cause of keeping the public informed & abusers in check. It could essentially shut down free speech & the animal rights movement as we presently know it, thus rendering all past efforts & achievements utterly useless.

We are unified in our desire for peace & justice.

We strive to abolish cruelty & suffering on Earth for all beings, human and non-human.
If the lunatic fringe continue to post the terrible shit they have in the past, this will only make it easier for them to be recognised, caught & prosecuted.

Additionally, I feel the need to make mention of the fact that this particular campaign may very well have been introduced by the likes of Sparboe Egg Farms; just about any of so many other similar factory farms/fur ranches who have lost revenue (or fear losing such) as a result of such “bad press” would certainly wish to persuade YouTube to ban the upload of such content. “Animal cruelty” is very broad terminology, so at which point will lines be drawn? There could be a great deal more at stake for animals as far as justice & awareness is concerned, which seems an unacceptable risk even if it would mean a small achievement for those eager to completely eliminate “crush” videos from ever offending their consciousness. As someone with a fairly lengthy past of involvement within the “fetish community,” I feel fairly confident in stating that those who get off on that type of thing are actually not all that plentiful. There are certainly some who do, but for the most part it’s not exactly the most common kink. It should remain the task of those who are offended by such content to simply flag as inappropriate, which then allows YouTube to review these uploads by-case instead of creating an entirely new set of dangerous guidelines.

At long last, consciousness is beginning to spread.

In closing, I would like to make mention of the fact that I have encountered many petitions for prosecution of animal abusers spring up as a result of animal cruelty videos which had previously been posted on YouTube. Some of these petitions have drawn appropriate media attention which in turn influenced officials & private citizens to pursue maximum sentences to those committing these acts of atrocity.

I implore everyone considering or already backing this campaign for compassionate reasons to please reconsider joining, signing or donating any time or money to this poorly thought out crusade. More censorship on YouTube (and other public sites for independent media hosting/broadcasting) can most likely only hurt those we’ve been working so tirelessly toward liberating.


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On The Mend

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Nearly a full lunar cycle has passed since incurring broken bones & shattered knee.

Two weeks of fasting at the start (circumstances made this necessity), followed by a move into a makeshift (temporary) location for recovery as of two weeks ago: a room bearing special amenities for wheelchair accessibility. Upon completion of relocation I promptly began to consume far more fresh, organic farm-direct produce (kale, avocados, persimmons, tomatoes, etc. than usual (even for me) – much of it blended to perfection in Vitamix 5200 along with coconut oil & herbal prescriptions).
MANY thanks to Ricardo from Pedro’s Avocado Ranch (in Fallbrook), along with several other amazing growers in the Los Angeles area & other wonderful friends of LORAX Community for so much generosity, thoughtfulness & support during these strange times!

Thankfully, the pain has subsided quite a bit & I seem to have mastered the wheelchair I’ve been using. As of last week: return of almost entire range of motion in left wrist & forearm. Next I will begin working on strength & rehab.
Knee still looks completely flattened, right leg looking quite atrophied & also in need of some serious muscle toning…

Current goals: Must locate an EXCELLENT (& ethical) orthopaedic practitioner + rehab specialist experienced in working with professional athletes & dancers…

Much work to be done!

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The Ultimate Revolution

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Original entry published in August 2011 via Evernote

“There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears so to speak. Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.”

Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961



It seems to me as if we may very well have already reached this point…

Wouldn’t you agree?

Thusly, I offer one final quote (in picture form) as brief commentary of my own:




MUST things be this way?

I am actually inclined to believe otherwise.

It seems blatantly obvious from my perspective that the time has come to take control of our lives and paths.

Division and greed have driven us to this critical point of transition, but consciousness of humanity seems to be poised for a potential leap in awareness.

Around which ideas will the new consciousness form?

Let us create a positive & fruitful existence for every living organism sharing this planet, now and in future…

We are all connected, and may most easily find safety in numbers.


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A Mother’s Love

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This is a relatively new post about a not-so-new subject. Though the linked article & video embed are from some time ago, instances such as these have continued to occur regularly. Not limited to a single species, similar atrocities have been happening all over the world, in everyone’s proverbial “backyard,” in varying form. Please take a moment to read this story of a mother & her child, followed by my description of how it affected me. Please also make time to view the embedded video to learn how we can help to make life better for others.

The article below was in fact the final blow of horrific inspiration which pushed me toward journalling my thoughts in archival format once more. This is not only an account of a terrible ordeal experienced by Black Asiatic bears (aka “Moon Bears”), but also a detailed scenario of a mother’s love and compassionate wish to spare her child from a lifetime of agony. It is a painful story of measures anyone might feel obligated to take in order to end relentless suffering and protect one’s child from having to endure years of torture and anguish eventually ending in one of the the most miserable, agonising deaths imaginable.

This is also the type of experience which has been chronicled many times by survivors of ‘race’-bound slavery, WWII-era prison camps and other assorted POWs. However, so many similar modern-day stories remain ignored and untold due to the simple fact those experiencing these injustices are incapable of verbalising in any human language other than their cries of pain. If our race could read the etchings or care enough decipher the cries of non-human animals, this is the type of story we would likely see each day.

For anyone out there still desperately hanging on to the false notion (or hope) that the human species is alone in its ability to think, reason, emote or feel deeply, the following is an account which should certainly cause reason to seriously reconsider.

Traps were laid in the wild illegally. When the bear
was trapped, she lost not only her paws and four limbs
for a good fortune of money, but she was locked up in 
the cage and had to endure daily torture of bile 
collection up to 25 or 30 years. This bile collection 
process requires a hole to be cut in the bear stomach 
and an iron pipe inserted into the bear gall bladder. 
Bile was then taken several times a day. The entire 
procedure was done without anaesthetic in order to 
save cost... (click to read more)

Oh, God. =(

Before I managed to finish reading this (rather extensive) article in its entirety, I was interrupted by a blinding flood of tears and the sound of my own screaming. I began to stand and fell to my knees, sobbing as I crawled into the washroom in search of a cloth for my face.
My head began to pound after having a massive breakdown for nearly 30 minutes on the tiled floor…

HOW can it be that this has been allowed to happen???!!!
Is the rest of the human race in a coma? Some type of idiot trance?

…And then I realised something: I speak out and act against this sort of thing every day. These bears are no different than the pigs or cows in one of those factory farms, or that cat I saw skinned alive by sadistic imbeciles on the internet. They are also no different from the children I see suffering in China whose plight drives me to spend 4x the amount of money on pumpkin seeds, just for the comforting certainty that my food is fair trade and organically grown on US soil.

This sort of thing is precisely the reason that I am, and will always be, active and outspoken for those who can neither speak nor depend on human decency or law to protect them.
That particular article is one of the most horrifying accounts I have read in ages, yet I am fully aware that it is no isolated incident. Things such as these have been happening all around the world with alarming regularity, whether or not any of us choose to acknowledge the instances as legitimate issues worthy of attention. The fact that so many of us choose to stay silent or turn a blind eye to such practices is exactly why they have been allowed to continue without so much as an eyebrow being raised by the masses of homo sapiens sharing this planet with other Earthlings being subjected to this type of treatment.

“Look away, and perhaps we can forget it exists.”
“It’s a necessary evil, which will perhaps go away eventually.”
“How else are we supposed to make a living?”

I am absolutely certain that here is no amount of money in the UNIVERSE which could possibly justify one being inflicting this type of suffering onto another, or turning a blind eye whilst continuing to support such actions through consumerism or other forms of silent consent.

Wake up, people! THIS IS NOT OKAY!

All beings on this planet possess the ability to feel pain, love, hope, anguish… even to reason and solve problems when necessary. Every living creature deserves the right to live their lives in peace.

While the story of the Moon Bears is just one of many serving as more than adequate proof that humans are certainly NOT the only species on this planet with the aforementioned traits and abilities, it does bring to mind one burning question relating to the great differences between us:

Can there possibly be any other creature anywhere in existence who can parallel the human race in its ability to carry out such monstrous deeds (or simply allow them to happen) in the name of greed, sadism or pure ignorance?

If so, I am in absolutely no hurry to make contact.

* * * * * * * * * * *
I was eventually able to finish reading the article, and thus decided to complete my composition of this post. This video (found just before the conclusion of the story) made me want to help the bear rescue organisations as much as possible:

Each and every day of my existence on this planet, I faithfully work toward helping to bring more consciousness and humanity into existence. It is my fondest wish for everyone to THINK, FEEL, and also CAREFULLY CONSIDER every aspect of what went into whatever it is they’re purchasing for use or consumption.

That having been said, I feel it necessary to reiterate the following statement:
Although this particular instance involves illegal poaching, there are millions of similar operations happening all over the world which operate legally and treat various types of animals (human as well as non-human) much the same. Slavery and torture are still atrocities, even if some government agency gives it the thumbs-up.

I also feel inclined to mention the fact that veganism was quite easily one of the simplest and best decisions I ever made in my life. However, from the very beginning of my quarter-century+ of existence on a plant-based lifestyle, I have always known that it was just a start, and there is still a great deal more to be done.

To all of my fellow vegans: Let’s all be more active! Displaying compassion in consumer habits is a great beginning, but silent protest only goes so far.

To Everyone: Please open your eyes/hearts/minds and begin to pay attention to what’s happening around you.

Life itself is a fragile thing, and we are all a great deal more alike than many of us seem to realise or truly care to admit. However, if we don’t begin to act more cooperatively & consciously when it comes to ALL inhabitants of this planet, we will inevitably die out and take countless innocents along with us.

It is well within our power to make a difference in this lifetime, and positive change begins in each and every one of us. Each and every action we make is subject to accountability in some way or another, so why not practice kindness?

In closing, I will simply post some links to this petition from Animals Asia, in addition to a recent story posted on The Bush Warriors’ blog, which also call for action on behalf of the Black Asiatic Bears held in captivity for their bile on Chinese farms.
Please join me in helping them, along with countless other sentient beings who would otherwise be forced to endure endless torture until death.

This is an issue which has haunted me since I first learned of it. It affected me so much that I felt compelled to blog about it here, and also to make spreading the word of this part of my own personal mission. These horrors must be stopped, not only in Chinese medicine but as far as ALL medicine & cosmetic use is concerned in the East and West. We share a planet with other creatures, but that does not mean that Earth or Her other inhabitants belong to humans.
They most certainly do not.
Please join me in making compassion part of everyday life, starting NOW. Below are a few links for anyone who wishes to get the facts, get inspired, and get active. Blessings and gratitude to all who have read this and care about ending suffering for ALL beings on this planet (humans & non-human – we are all connected).

Animals Asia Foundation

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This is the Evernote journal for Here will be the place to find things posted from iPad, phones or wherever else Evernote seems to be the ideal method for journalling…

Also, there will imminently be a segment set aside within these postings meant specifically for LiveScribe journalling (electronic transfers in actual handwriting) via Evernote. This will likely include notes from classes, doodles, recipes, thoughts, compositions, lyrics and other random things which have been jotted down in ink to be archived on actual paper (for whatever reason)…

Let the fun begin! =)

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