Dolphin Therapy?

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This resident of Lima, Peru, is participating in a new dolphin therapy technique, designed to stimulate the brains of unborn babies with high-frequency dolphin sounds.” (source)

I do realise that this is likely meant to be considered “sweet”, possibly even “educational” or “innovative”, but I simply cannot feel okay with dolphins being held in captivity for ANY reason. I’m fairly certain that these kind beings would be far happier with their families in the wild, than to exist in prison pools to pander to selfish humans who care more about their own offspring than the lives of other species. It is not my intention to be overly negative, but it truly breaks my heart to see anyone suffer on the whims of others.

Cetaceans are emotionally aware, highly conscious, and extremely social creatures who live in extended family groups. They rely heavily on one another in countless aspects of everyday life, and the captivity industry exploits these traits in order to murder and enslave them en masse. These dolphins do not voluntarily migrate into human-populated areas with the intention of meeting, assisting, or entertaining Homo sapiens on a day-to-day basis, and must be violently torn from their own societies in order to appease their human captors.

These dolphins should be (and would likely prefer) communicating with unborn members of their own species in a natural, free, and healthy environment. Human communication with other species is a wonderful thing, which I have greatly enjoyed over the years & would highly recommend to anyone. However, I also feel strongly that it should NOT come at the price of freedom & happiness for any of Earth’s residents.

On a more positive note, I can only hope that the messages being sent by the dolphins to unborn human residents of Earth is one of peace and reasoning to cease from engaging in such practises of enslavement of any species in future.

With all of that having been said, may God bless them all.

For more information on dolphins and the industrial methods relating to their captivity, please check out a groundbreaking film entitled “The Cove“, and take a moment to read what my friends at Cyber Whale Warriors have shared on their mission’s site.

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