Earthlings & Politics of Veganism

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How many out there categorise themselves as “vegan” or concerned for animal rights? For those who may not understand the terminology clearly, veganism goes far beyond food. There are seemingly many who have recently chosen to eliminate meat and dairy from their dietary intake, but still ingest honey or use other animal-derived products or consumer goods containing such. If this is the case, one cannot honestly convey themselves as adherent to a truly vegan lifestyle. In my case, I don’t just enjoy a plant-based diet, but I am fully dedicated to making life better for all living organisms on this planet (including Mother Earth herself) by choosing veganism as my only lifestyle option for my entire existence. This means I not only shun meat, dairy, honey, and other animal derivatives in plain form, but also take great precautions to avoid pharmaceuticals (prescription and over the counter), cosmetics, chemical household products, clothing and processed foods which may have been tested, made with ingredients derived from, or caused destruction of family units/lives/happiness/livelihood of other neighbouring beings. Ahimsa, or non-violence, is my chosen mantra for the entirety of my stay on Earth in present form.

The following quotes:

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” — Albert Einstein
“To be neutral in a situation of injustice is to have chosen sides already.” — Archbishop Desmond Tutu
…speak volumes to me, whilst providing adequate philosophical reasoning behind my refusal to sit back and watch as others mindlessly destroy everything & everyone in our very interconnected environment. For those of you who consider me to be “judgemental” as a result of my observations, perhaps it is high time for you to take a good look at yourselves and your own life choices in relation to how they affect the world around us. Perhaps you will then realise that I am not judging you, but that your conscience is desperate to overcome whatever it is which comes between you and a truly mindful life.

Personally speaking, I scrutinise every aspect of my own life, so as to create as little harm as is humanly possible in any given situation. Therefore, the only one being judged on an ongoing basis by myself is myself, by my own ethical development path over the past 20 some odd years. Perhaps my standards seem high to many, but I have also taken the time to learn about how things work in our wretched society and formulate ways to simplify my life whilst eschewing harmful behaviour along the way. It truly is a matter of personal choice, but it shouldn’t be that difficult for anyone to choose between love and indifference. Therefore, I challenge anyone to find enough courage to take a good look at themselves and begin weighing their choices mindfully before acting upon impulse or habitual reflex.

Shunning education/valid information when easily found and readily available is the very definition of IGNORANCE. In fact, it is not only lack of knowledge or information, but a deliberate choice made in laziness or for other selfish reasons.

I had already been vegan for many years before seeing the Earthlings film, and avoided it for ages because I thought I knew it all. One day I brought it over to share with a friend who was searching for more conviction to justify what had been a relatively new lifestyle choice for him, and was forced to watch along with him. I was shocked to discover how many things I was actually able to learn from viewing it, and I am now glad that I took the time to do so. It can at times be horrifying, heartbreaking & sickening to view, but truth is sometimes very difficult to swallow. I strongly feel that this film should be required viewing for anyone living in modern society, despite the fact that it is “upsetting” to some people. Human majorities have been the catalysts for every scenario depicted in this film, and it’s about time each of us stood up and accepted his or her responsibility for our roles.

The first step to reaching solutions is properly acknowledging & assessing problems.
If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Make the Connection.

No more excuses. Please watch this film and then simply allow your conscience to be your guide.

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