Occupy – New York’s Finest

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Just found this article via my dear friend Jeff Tobis. All I really have to say is:


I ♥ you, New York.

This is PRECISELY what I have always meant when telling others of our strong community ethic & “One Big Neighbourhood” approach to everyday living. This is why I stayed for so long, fighting against numerous obstacles in order to create something positive & sustainable to leave behind as a service to my community first and foremost.

Here’s my perspective on how things work, not just in the 5 Boroughs, but also statewide (and throughout the tri-state area as well, to a certain degree):

New York has encountered & efficiently dealt with so may crazy obstacles, attacks & disasters over the years, including the unspeakable incident at the World Trade Center.
The PEOPLE of New York do NOT back down in the face of opposition or corruption, despite any stupid, crappy decisions which happen to be made by idiotic (& often unfairly appointed) bureaucrats (*cough*Bloomberg*cough*). The above article caused my heart to leap joyously upon first read, and I found myself feeling incredibly inspired to post something in response. The events described in Brad’s Blog appear to me as a shining example of courageousness, consciousness (in relation to their own families & the greater good) and true dedication to constitutional service oath by those who are expected to follow orders as would be any other military/law enforcement personnel. Say what you will about the system in general, but New York cops are something of a special breed. In fact, from what I’ve observed & overheard over the passing years, it seems that there are generally always 10 or more incredibly decent officers to make up for each single douchebag who happens to slide under the radar…

New York State has always been a collective of tenacious motherfuckers from all walks of life, steadfast & determined to handle whatever strange new element or obstacle which may happen to dare surface. New Yorkers are a formidable force to be reckoned with; forthright, resourceful, noble & true.
I am SO PROUD to count myself amongst so many strong individuals yet so SAD to be so far away from you, my neighbours & family, during these strange times.

In closing, I can only say:
Your unwavering fortitude is so very empowering, even though I’ve once again found myself so far from home during such critical moments.
PLEASE continue to stay strong & grow stronger still.

I will return again, as always. The Atlantic is my mother and you are the shining beacon which will always be: My forever home.

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