A Mother’s Love

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This is a relatively new post about a not-so-new subject. Though the linked article & video embed are from some time ago, instances such as these have continued to occur regularly. Not limited to a single species, similar atrocities have been happening all over the world, in everyone’s proverbial “backyard,” in varying form. Please take a moment to read this story of a mother & her child, followed by my description of how it affected me. Please also make time to view the embedded video to learn how we can help to make life better for others.

The article below was in fact the final blow of horrific inspiration which pushed me toward journalling my thoughts in archival format once more. This is not only an account of a terrible ordeal experienced by Black Asiatic bears (aka “Moon Bears”), but also a detailed scenario of a mother’s love and compassionate wish to spare her child from a lifetime of agony. It is a painful story of measures anyone might feel obligated to take in order to end relentless suffering and protect one’s child from having to endure years of torture and anguish eventually ending in one of the the most miserable, agonising deaths imaginable.

This is also the type of experience which has been chronicled many times by survivors of ‘race’-bound slavery, WWII-era prison camps and other assorted POWs. However, so many similar modern-day stories remain ignored and untold due to the simple fact those experiencing these injustices are incapable of verbalising in any human language other than their cries of pain. If our race could read the etchings or care enough decipher the cries of non-human animals, this is the type of story we would likely see each day.

For anyone out there still desperately hanging on to the false notion (or hope) that the human species is alone in its ability to think, reason, emote or feel deeply, the following is an account which should certainly cause reason to seriously reconsider.

Traps were laid in the wild illegally. When the bear
was trapped, she lost not only her paws and four limbs
for a good fortune of money, but she was locked up in 
the cage and had to endure daily torture of bile 
collection up to 25 or 30 years. This bile collection 
process requires a hole to be cut in the bear stomach 
and an iron pipe inserted into the bear gall bladder. 
Bile was then taken several times a day. The entire 
procedure was done without anaesthetic in order to 
save cost... (click to read more)

Oh, God. =(

Before I managed to finish reading this (rather extensive) article in its entirety, I was interrupted by a blinding flood of tears and the sound of my own screaming. I began to stand and fell to my knees, sobbing as I crawled into the washroom in search of a cloth for my face.
My head began to pound after having a massive breakdown for nearly 30 minutes on the tiled floor…

HOW can it be that this has been allowed to happen???!!!
Is the rest of the human race in a coma? Some type of idiot trance?

…And then I realised something: I speak out and act against this sort of thing every day. These bears are no different than the pigs or cows in one of those factory farms, or that cat I saw skinned alive by sadistic imbeciles on the internet. They are also no different from the children I see suffering in China whose plight drives me to spend 4x the amount of money on pumpkin seeds, just for the comforting certainty that my food is fair trade and organically grown on US soil.

This sort of thing is precisely the reason that I am, and will always be, active and outspoken for those who can neither speak nor depend on human decency or law to protect them.
That particular article is one of the most horrifying accounts I have read in ages, yet I am fully aware that it is no isolated incident. Things such as these have been happening all around the world with alarming regularity, whether or not any of us choose to acknowledge the instances as legitimate issues worthy of attention. The fact that so many of us choose to stay silent or turn a blind eye to such practices is exactly why they have been allowed to continue without so much as an eyebrow being raised by the masses of homo sapiens sharing this planet with other Earthlings being subjected to this type of treatment.

“Look away, and perhaps we can forget it exists.”
“It’s a necessary evil, which will perhaps go away eventually.”
“How else are we supposed to make a living?”

I am absolutely certain that here is no amount of money in the UNIVERSE which could possibly justify one being inflicting this type of suffering onto another, or turning a blind eye whilst continuing to support such actions through consumerism or other forms of silent consent.

Wake up, people! THIS IS NOT OKAY!

All beings on this planet possess the ability to feel pain, love, hope, anguish… even to reason and solve problems when necessary. Every living creature deserves the right to live their lives in peace.

While the story of the Moon Bears is just one of many serving as more than adequate proof that humans are certainly NOT the only species on this planet with the aforementioned traits and abilities, it does bring to mind one burning question relating to the great differences between us:

Can there possibly be any other creature anywhere in existence who can parallel the human race in its ability to carry out such monstrous deeds (or simply allow them to happen) in the name of greed, sadism or pure ignorance?

If so, I am in absolutely no hurry to make contact.

* * * * * * * * * * *
I was eventually able to finish reading the article, and thus decided to complete my composition of this post. This video (found just before the conclusion of the story) made me want to help the bear rescue organisations as much as possible:

Each and every day of my existence on this planet, I faithfully work toward helping to bring more consciousness and humanity into existence. It is my fondest wish for everyone to THINK, FEEL, and also CAREFULLY CONSIDER every aspect of what went into whatever it is they’re purchasing for use or consumption.

That having been said, I feel it necessary to reiterate the following statement:
Although this particular instance involves illegal poaching, there are millions of similar operations happening all over the world which operate legally and treat various types of animals (human as well as non-human) much the same. Slavery and torture are still atrocities, even if some government agency gives it the thumbs-up.

I also feel inclined to mention the fact that veganism was quite easily one of the simplest and best decisions I ever made in my life. However, from the very beginning of my quarter-century+ of existence on a plant-based lifestyle, I have always known that it was just a start, and there is still a great deal more to be done.

To all of my fellow vegans: Let’s all be more active! Displaying compassion in consumer habits is a great beginning, but silent protest only goes so far.

To Everyone: Please open your eyes/hearts/minds and begin to pay attention to what’s happening around you.

Life itself is a fragile thing, and we are all a great deal more alike than many of us seem to realise or truly care to admit. However, if we don’t begin to act more cooperatively & consciously when it comes to ALL inhabitants of this planet, we will inevitably die out and take countless innocents along with us.

It is well within our power to make a difference in this lifetime, and positive change begins in each and every one of us. Each and every action we make is subject to accountability in some way or another, so why not practice kindness?

In closing, I will simply post some links to this petition from Animals Asia, in addition to a recent story posted on The Bush Warriors’ blog, which also call for action on behalf of the Black Asiatic Bears held in captivity for their bile on Chinese farms.
Please join me in helping them, along with countless other sentient beings who would otherwise be forced to endure endless torture until death.

This is an issue which has haunted me since I first learned of it. It affected me so much that I felt compelled to blog about it here, and also to make spreading the word of this part of my own personal mission. These horrors must be stopped, not only in Chinese medicine but as far as ALL medicine & cosmetic use is concerned in the East and West. We share a planet with other creatures, but that does not mean that Earth or Her other inhabitants belong to humans.
They most certainly do not.
Please join me in making compassion part of everyday life, starting NOW. Below are a few links for anyone who wishes to get the facts, get inspired, and get active. Blessings and gratitude to all who have read this and care about ending suffering for ALL beings on this planet (humans & non-human – we are all connected).

Animals Asia Foundation

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